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dc.contributor.authorNaznin, DR. Morium-
dc.description.abstractBrucella melitensis is a bacterial disease of public health and veterinary concern globally. This study aimed to isolate and identify Brucella melitensis from aborted goat fetuses in Chittagong, Bangladesh. In this study, a total of 125 pregnant does was selected and samples were collected from 18 aborted fetuses after postmortem. It was observed that the prevalence of abortion in goat was found 14.4 % (18 out of 125). Columbia Agar base and Peptone broth media were used for culture of Brucella melitensis. A total of 72 inoculums were prepared from eyeball, liver, lung and kidney of aborted fetus for culture of Brucella in solid medium as per microbiological protocol. The isolates were grown in the selective media and stored at-30°C. After sub-culture, bacteria were identified using standard protocol of PCR. One positive isolate for Brucella, was identified by PCR. This is the Nobel finding in Bangladesh, nobody isolate this bacteria before. Brucella sp. was isolated 11.11 % (2 out of 18) and identified Brucella melitensis was 5.55% (1 out of 18). Various risk factors (breed, age, rearing and flooring system, period of abortion, season, prior history of abortion and other reproductive problems) of goats were studied through predesigned questionnaire, direct observation and available records. Different categorical variables such as breed, rearing system, flooring system etc. were taken into account to test significant effect of these risk factors on the culture and PCR positive result by Fisher’s exact test. To estimate statistical significance of the continuous variables/ risk factors t-test was performed.en_US
dc.publisherA thesis submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science (MS) in Medicine Department of Medicine and Surgery Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chittagong-4225, Bangladeshen_US
dc.subjectGoats, Brucella melitensis, Culture, PCR, Chittagong.en_US
dc.titleIsolation And Identification Of Brucella Melitensis From Aborted Fetus Of Goaten_US
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