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Title: Socioeconomic study on backyard pigeon farming system in some selected area of Chittagong district.
Authors: Sultana, Ireen
Keywords: Pigeon, pigeon farming, Flock size
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: A production Report submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF VETERINARY MEDICINE, CHITTAGONG VETERINARY AND ANIMAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY, KHULSHI, CHITTAGONG.
Abstract: A survey was carried out to investigate backyard pigeon farming system in Doublemooring Thana under Chittagong district. Data was collected from 50 pigeon farmers. Average cost of housing per bird was 37.8114Tk. and average height of house was 4.314m, feed intake per pigeon was 41.4g /day. Per Year production from a pair of pigeon were 9-10 pair , cost of per pair of pigeon was Tk.1371, income per pair of pigeon was Tk. 3600 Tk. and net profit per pair of pigeon was Tk.2229 and BCR was 2.62. Most of the pigeon farmer’s rare pigeon in small scale scavenging system with supplementary feeding. They have no idea about breed and variety of pigeon and prevention of diseases. There is a lot of demand of squab meat in the market due to delicacy and taste. The pigeon farming may be increased with government initiative providing training to farmers and extending loans. Introduction of meat breeds good flock size and balanced feed need to ensure for improving income and employment opportunity.
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