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Title: Effects of CP and Agha Commercial Feed on Growth Performance of Sonali (RIR♂ x fayoumi♀) Chicken
Authors: Hossain, Md. Tanzir
Keywords: Sonali, Feed, Growth performance
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: A production Report submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF VETERINARY MEDICINE, CHITTAGONG VETERINARY AND ANIMAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY, KHULSHI, CHITTAGONG.
Abstract: The study was conducted in poultry unit under the Department of Dairy and Poultry Science at Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU), Chittagong, Bangladesh during the period of February to March, 2015. A total of 50 (fifty) Sonali fertile eggs were collected from the Regional Chicken Farm, Pahartali, Chittagong and was set in incubator machine for 21 days. Among them 40 eggs were hatched and these Sonali day old chicks (DOC) were reared up to 28 days in four wire netted model poultry house. The effect of two commercial feed (CP and Aga) on growth performance of Sonali chicken was evaluated. The management system of different unit was more or less same and considered as constant traits. Feed intake, body weight gain, and feed conversion ratio was calculated on a period of 28 days at 7 days interval. Average feed intake /bird at 4th week was 314.78 gm and live weight gain is 263.13 gm in the studied area. However, feed intake was found higher (327.28 gm) in the flock provided Agha feed. There were no significant differences found in feed intake, body weight gain of sonali fed two diet of two companies (CP and Agha) at 4th weeks of age. But CP feed shows higher performance than Agha in our study. The improved feed conversion ratio (FCR) 1.1 was found at 4th weeks of age supplied with CP branded feed than Agha, which was much higher than the previous findings. But there were no statistically significant variation found in FCR of Sonali chicken due to supplementation of two commercial feed (CP and Agha). The higher FCR was obtained due to some managerial problem such as inadequate feed supply, high ambient temperature and rearing in high altitude.
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