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Authors: Aziz, Mohammed Tareq
Keywords: Chickens, egg quality, egg weight, differences.
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: A production Report submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF VETERINARY MEDICINE, CHITTAGONG VETERINARY AND ANIMAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY, KHULSHI, CHITTAGONG.
Abstract: The experiment was conducted to know the quality of eggs of Deshi and Fayomi chickens. The traits for egg quality study were egg shape index, egg shell and membrane thickness, yolk index, yolk and albumin weight, shell membrane thickness. The Fayomi chicken laid comparatively larger egg than Deshi chickens. The egg shell and membrane thickness of Fayomi was significantly higher (p>0.01) than Deshi. Shape index, yolk index, were significantly differ of fayomi with deshi (0.78 vs 0.74,and 0.31 vs 0.28) for Fayomi and Deshi chickens respectively. The significant higher values indicated the good quality eggs. There were no-significant differences of Fayomi with Deshi for albumin height and haugh unit. (4.45 0.14.vs 4.28 0.17, and 171.68 ± 3.39 vs 172.03 ± 2.86), for Fayomi and Deshi chicken, respectively.
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