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Authors: Das, Santo Shamol
Keywords: Carrot, Bread, proximate composition, beta-carotene.
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Chittagong – 4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: Carrot is one of the important root vegetables rich in bioactive compounds like carotenoids and dietary fibers with appreciable levels of several other functional components having significant health- promoting properties. Incorporation of carrot powder with refined flour in bread increase the several nutrients; vitamins, especially vitamin A (-carotene), fiber and minerals. The objectives of incorporation of carrot powder with refined flour is to make low cost food and consumed by large no of people and also easily available and have many health benefits. In present study, a systematic approach was followed to develop and standardize the process for the preparation of carrot fortified bread as product by cabinet drying method in different percentage. The proximate analysis, beta carotene value and sensory evaluation of the bread sample were determined. Crude fiber, moisture and fat content of the bread progressively increased with the addition of carrot powder were 10% carrot fortified bread having the highest values as 2.3%, 28.20%, 10.30% respectively and control bread having lowest values as 0.30%, 27.60%, and 8.90% respectively. Carbohydrate content decreased with carrot powder substitution. Control bread has highest value (49.1%) and 10% carrot fortified bread has the lowest value (46.5%) of carbohydrates. The sensory evaluation of the bread show crust, shape, internal texture, appearance and general acceptance significantly differed with in the samples. Aroma and taste of the bread samples were significantly different with the control bread. The beta carotene content is lower in 5% fortified bread than 10% fortified bread. The concentration of beta carotene is 3.002 mg in 5% fortified bread and 3.179 mg per 100 gram of 10% fortified bread respectively.
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