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dc.contributor.authorHASAN SOHEL, MD. SHAHRIAR-
dc.description.abstractAn anatomical and histological study was conducted to find out the possible presence of age variation of prostate glands of street dogs in Chittagong, Bangladesh from June, 2015 to July, 2015. In this study, the prostate glands were evaluated in randomly selected healthy street dogs of 1 year to 6 years old. The weight, length, width, thickness, circumference, percentage of epithelium, interstitium, lumen of prostate glands were studied. Prostate gland sections stained with haematoxylin-eosin and image J, image measurement software were used. The weight of prostate glands of dog increases with age (6.73 gm at 1 year of age, increasing to 15.9 gm at 6 years of age). The length, width, thickness and circumference of prostate gland also increase with age. Morphometric analysis of the prostatic tissue suggested that similar to the change observed in human males, the increase in size was primarily due to an increase in the percentage of interstitial tissues (21% at 1 year of age, increasing to 32.5% at 6 years of age). The epithelial component did not contribute to the increase noted, with the exception that the percentage of glandular lumen did increase with age, indicating progressive cystic dilatation of the glands. These findings indicate that the progression of BPH occurs throughout the entire life span of the street dog.en_US
dc.publisherClinical report submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Veterinary Medicine CHITTAGONG VETERINARY AND ANIMAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY KHULSHI, CHITTAGONG-4225en_US
dc.subjectStreet dog, prostate gland, morphometry, age, benign prostatic hyperplasia.en_US
dc.titleAge Related Anatomical and Histological Changes in Prostate Gland of Street Dog in Bangladeshen_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US
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