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Title: Comparative Study of Commercial Broiler, Brown Cock and Sonali for the Meat Purposes in Savar Upazilla Under Dhaka District
Authors: Ahsan, Md. Murshidul
Keywords: Commercial Broiler, Brown Cock, Sonali, FCR, profitability
Issue Date: Feb-2011
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences Universiy, KHULSHI, CHITTAGONG-4225.
Abstract: The study was conducted with comparison of Commercial Broiler, Brown Cock and Sonali for the meat purposes. A total of 63 poultry farms from Savar Upazilla of Dhaka district of Bangladesh were randomly selected during the study period through survey method. The finding of the study revealed that the FCR of three birds were 1.723±0.130, 2.490±0.024 and 2.775±0.101 respectively at 30-35 days, 50-55 days and 55-60 days. The superior FCR found in Commercial Broiler due to its superior genetic conformation. Inferior FCR found at Sonali Bird. The highest total production cost per bird Tk. 189.709±13.354 found in Commercial Broiler and lowest found in Sonali among three birds Tk. 106.286±3.314. The highest per bird profit is Tk. 26.434±10.798 found at Commercial Broiler. Lowest per bird profit Tk.10.812±3.128 found in Sonali. The highest Benefit cost ratio (BCR) found in Brown Cock is 1.22 and it is most profitable among three Birds. BCR of Commercial Broiler is 1.14 which is next to profit earning bird. Lowest BCR found in Sonali is 1.10 and it is less profitable among three Birds. This study also revealed that the poultry farmers faced various types of problems such as high price of feeds, high price of Commercial Broiler day old chick and non availability of day old chicks of Brown Cock and Sonali in proper starting time of farming according to the market demand.
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