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Title: A study on comparison of nutrients of Layer mash feed between laboratory value and company standard value manufactured in different feed mills of Bangladesh
Authors: Barua, Mukti
Keywords: Feed, Quality, ME, CP, CF, EE, Ca, Layer layer
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences Universiy, KHULSHI, CHITTAGONG-4225.
Abstract: As the quality of feed is one of the main determinant factors in successful poultry farming, an attempt was made to compare the quality of compound layer feeds manufactured by four different feed mills of Bangladesh. Layer layer is the most crucial stage of three stages of commercial layer. So feeds of this stage were selected for experiment. The main objective was to see the present situation of some leading poultry feed millers company of Bangladesh in respect of whether or not they are maintaining the standard of nutrients which they have recommended. With a view to fulfil this objective, proximate analysis of feeds was done to see the different nutritive values such as-moisture, ME, CP, CF, EE, Ash and titration method was done to see the level of Ca and P. Then those values were compared with the specified values given by the company. Data from laboratory analysis stated that, significant variation was found in ME, CP, EE and Ca contents in some feeds. Feeds of ABFL and CP appeared to be comparatively better than those procured from the ACI and Quality feed mills. Most of the nutrient contents contained in the compound layer feeds of ABFL and CP feed mills were found mostly as per the specified levels of the layer feed millers company though in fewer cases slightly higher amount of ether extract (> 4%) and ME (>2800 kcal) contents were noticed. On the other hand, a wide variation of nutrient content was observed in the feeds of remaining feed mills (ACI and Quality feed).In some cases, these feeds contained alarmingly high amount of crude fiber which seriously hamper in the digestion of Poultry. Crude protein contents and calcium were also lower than the specified levels of feed miller’s company in some cases which are very important nutrients in layer layer ration.
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