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Title: A study on measuring the frequency of various clinical disease and disorder in goats at Bochaganj in Dinajpur
Authors: S.M. Prabir kumar Roy, S.M. Prabir kumar Roy
Keywords: PPR, Bacterial disease, parasitic disease, Urolithiasis, Indigestion
Issue Date: Jan-2011
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: The study was conducted to measure the frequency of disease and disorder in goat at Bochaganj upazilla in Dinajpur district during the period of 16th July to 16th september 2012. A total of 170 affected goats were examined during that period, among them the frequency of viral, bacterial, parasitic and other non infectious diseases based on clinical sign, pathognomonic lesion and laboratory diagnosis were 26.5%, 24.7%, 21.2% and 27.6% respectively. From that investigation viral diseases PPR (23.5%) was higher than other diseases. In case of bacterial diseases colibacillosis (8.3%) was significant. Frequency of internal parasite in goats 14.1% was recorded. Fascioliosis (9.5%) was found effectively in the studied population. Simple indigestion (8.9%) is a common disease which primarily affected on non grassing ruminants. Urolithiasis (3%) is also an important disease of castrated buck characterized by complete retention of urine, unsuccessful efforts for urination. Other diseases like overgrown hoof and retained placenta were recorded 3.6% and 3.5% respectively. The result showed the distribution of viral, bacterial, parasitic, and other infectious disease which may be prevented by vaccination and deworming. So that further study should be done to establish the specific diagnosis and determination of infectivity with implementation of preventive and control measures
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