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Authors: Sultana, Afroza
Keywords: Selenium; Selenium yeast; Beneficial organism, Selenomethionine; Supplement selenium; Selenium poisoning
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: organic selenium produced by the beneficial organism. Amount of those Selenium yeast, produced by growing select strains of beneficial organism in selenium-rich media, is a recognized source of organic food-form Se, but the determination of its exact composition with respect to the Se species present produced conflicting results. Improved methods of analysis have since reveled it to contain 90+ % of its Se in the form of selenomethionine, the principal organic nutritional form of Se for higher animals and humans. So beneficial organism media also widely used as a protein source. This study is conducted to know the amount of organic selenium from this media estimated by chemical test. It was found that media contain 17 mg per gm of beneficial organism media. The safety record of Se yeast is excellent. During the three decades of its world-wide use as a source of supplement Se, no cases of Se poisoning have occurred due to dosage or formation errors
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