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Title: A Clinical Report on Frequency of Acute Carbohydrate Engorgement and its Therapeutic Management in Cattle In Baghabari Area, Shahjadpur, Sirajgonj
Authors: Md. Golam Yasin, Md. Golam Yasin
Keywords: Cattle, Sodium Bicarbonate, excess CHO rich feed.
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: The aim of this study is to know the prevalence rate of acute carbohydrate engorgement (ACE) and its therapeutic management in cattle. The study was undertaken since July 22, 2009 to August 20, 2009 in Baghabari area, Shahjadpur sirajgonj. The survey was conducted on 15 cases were suffering from acute carbohydrate engorgement. The demographic information age, sex, breed, feeding history and health were obtained from patient owner by questions and also by observing the clinical signs. The average ages of the animals were 5 months to 5 years. Excess amount of feeding carbohydrate rich feed such as waste rice, potato, bakery’s bread are the main etiology of the diseases and Sodium Bicarbonate, antibiotics, formalin, and calcium borogluconate were used as therapeutics
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