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Authors: Ahmed, Md. Monsur
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: itic infection, which have deleterious effect . So proper management and regular treatment the unhygienic food to the pigs. The present study suggests that pigs are A study was conducted at Brahmanbaria and Hobigonj district since 5th October to 6th November. The study was undertaken to observe effect of managerial condition of swine on herd health and public health. A survey with broad questioners above that place have been completed within the correct time. The prevalence of helminthes parasites have also been studied by examining 30 samples from different area of Brahmanbaria and Hobigonj district. By fecal sample examination 100% animals were affected with helminthes parasites irrespective of age, sex, breed and management system . In fecal examination there are 10 types of helminthes eggs were identified such as Ascaris suum, Strongyloides sp, Trichuris sp , Capillaria sp , Fasciola sp ,Oesophagostomum sp, Ancylostoma sp, Schistosoma sp, Taenia sp, Metastrongylus sp. In intensive system Trichuris sp are more found than others. Ascaris are found mainly in young faeces . In intensive system if they clean there house daily but they supply rotted and unhygienic food collected from hotel , dustbin and other dirty places . Some owner have supplied rice husk, rice , rice gruel etc. but they never deworming their pigs. Their hygienic condition of the pig houses and their feeding supplement may affect their production and also in public health in various way. So we have to change our rearing system of pigs and also stop to supply susceptible to various parasare essential
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