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Keywords: Income, Livestock, Production, Rural farmers and Utilization pattern, semi-scavenging, Non Govt. Organization, gender empowerment, enterprises, landless and small poor.
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: The economy of Bangladesh mainly depends on agricultural development. Livestock an integrated component of the existing farming systems, plays a vital role in income generation, family nutrition and family welfare of the small holder of the Bangladesh. The study was conducted in two upazila of Laxsmipur district namely kamolnagar (North Char paghla, Char Falcon, Char Martin, Thorabgong, Char Paghla, Ludhua, Char ghagabondhu) and Ramgati (Char Kolacopa, Char Badam, Char poragacha) during N.G.O. placement at RFLDC, Noakhali from July 22, 2009 to August 20, 2009.A total no. of 60 farmers were interviewed of which 20 large, 22 medium, 18 were small farmers. The livestock patterns of farm household were cattle, buffalo, goat, chicken, or duck or any combination of these. Large animals and small ruminants were also reared by share system. Average milk production per cow was found 2.27 liter per day. On an average all farm households spent 29%, 18% and 19% of income generated through livestock for their daily expenses, agricultural inputs and food respectively. Average annual income generated through livestock poultry rearing was taka (TK*) 28729, tk. 33275 and tk.33759 per year in case of small, medium and large farmers respectively. Sixty-five percent farmers used cow dung as manure, 25.2% as fuel, 9.8% for preparation of compost, plastering threshing floor and house wall. Animals are mostly raised in the backyard with little or no inputs for housing, feeding or health care and for this reason the productivity of these animals are low.
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