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Title: An Investigation of the Prevalence of Dog Bites of Farm Animals in Cox’s Bazar
Authors: Alam Tanha, Shamrina
Keywords: rabies, nervous system, vaccination, cox’s bazar,
Issue Date: Nov-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: To estimate the prevalence of dog bite of farm animals a semi structured interview was done. With the increase of stray dogs, the occurrence of bite increases. A questionnaire of 500 owner of farm animal was conducted in cox’s Bazar from February to April in 2022. The survey was conducted so that related circumstances and relationship between dog’s head and animals’ body was determined as a risk factor. About 40% goat, 6.66% sheep and 30 % cattle were bitten once by dog. Almost all attack were occurred outside home. Many animals were bitten without having any interaction (60%). Animals were bitten most of the time in their limbs (hind legs 39.3%, foreleg 22.3 % and hip 19%). Those were easily attacked by dogs. Necessary steps should be taken for control dog bite such as stray dog control in pastureland or surrounding the pastureland. In addition, control measure should be taken for increasing stray dog population.
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