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Title: A case report on diagnosis and surgical management of sebaceous gland tumor in Dalmatian dog
Authors: Islam, Md. Nazmul
Keywords: Dalmatian dog, sebaceous gland tumor, aseptic surgery, histopathological study, vacuolation.
Issue Date: Nov-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: A unique case of sebaceous gland tumor in 8 years aged Dalmatian dog with 27.8 Kg body weight was presented to Teaching & Training Pet Hospital and Research Center, Sector – 18, Road no – 5B, Purbachal New Town, Dhaka. The dog had a round shaped tumor mass of 5 cm diameter on the toe of right hind limb. The dog was quite dull with decreased food intake.The dog went through physical examination by the duty doctor. Then the doctor checked the inner content of mass through paracentesis and confirmed that it was neoplastic growth. So he decided to remove the mass surgically. The dog was generally anesthetized through chemical agent in a properly aseptic environment. Then the mass was excised by skilled surgeon with minimum blood loss. The surgery was performed with minimum traumatic process to surrounding tissues to prevent tumor seeding. After resection, the surgical wound was stitched with proper knot security. Finally a week long medicine was prescribed as post-operative management including broad spectrum antibiotic, anti-histaminic and pain killer drug. According to the opinion of the surgeon, the prognosis of this surgery was good. On the other hand, impression smear was taken on clean slide from the tumor mass for histopathological study so that confirmatory diagnosis could be aided. Under microscope it was visualized after Giemsa staining that the nuclei were hyperchromatic and the cytoplasm was more basophilic with vacuolation formation. In this report, histopathological findings and related factors were also compared with other previous reports.
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