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Title: Farmer’s attitude, perception and management of heat stressed cows in selected dairy farms
Authors: Sagar Banik, Sagar Banik
Keywords: : Heat stress, Welfare, Dairy cow, Temperature, Attitude and perception
Issue Date: Nov-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: The continuous increase of global mean temperature due to climate change is creating many difficulties in production and welfare of dairy animals all over the world. Being a tropical country Bangladesh is not out of these. Heat stress is the major problem that dairy animal face due to high environmental temperature. Welfare of cows get hampered due to heat stress and as a result production is also decreased. It is vital to know the farmers view about heat stress and their strategy to mitigate heat stress. Therefore, the present study was conducted in 28 dairy farms in 4 different places of Chattogram district to assess the perception, management of heat stress in dairy farms and attitude of farmers towards cows. Farmers behavior and attitude towards cow and their perception about heat stress was observed and recorded. The results showed that farmers had good idea about heat stress and different types of managemental steps had been taken by farmers to mitigate heat stress. Relationship among beating of cow during milking and knowledge of heat stress of farmers was compared and the result was significantly (p<0.05) related. Farmers who have idea of heat stress were less concerned about the welfare of animals during heat stress. Based on collected data THI (Temperature Humidity Index) of farms were calculated and relationship with presence of ceiling fan was checked. Result showed that presence of ceiling fan was positively related to low THI of farm. The study findings conclude that there is much room for improvement of welfare of dairy cows and behaviors towards them as far as heat stress is concerned.
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