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Title: A Case Report on Feline Infectious Peritonitis (wet form) of a Persian cat
Authors: Hossain, ASif AL
Keywords: FECv, FIPv, Wet form, Ascitis, Rivalta test.
Issue Date: Nov-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: Feline infectious peritonitis, a disease of cat which is very common in condition of Bangladesh. Though it has a lots of typical clinical sign sometimes it makes complexity to diagnose. It is caused by the FCoV .There are mainly two types of FCoV virus 1. FECv and 2. FIPv . We can classified this disease in two condition 1. Dry form and 2. Wet form. The present case report was done on focussing the wet form of Feline Infectious Peritonitis in Cat .A Persian Cat with high fever, anorexia, ascitis ,weight loss, diarrhoea with eye lesion was brought to Teaching And Training Pet Hospital and Research Centre ,Purbachol ,Dhaka . The check up was done on the patients by clinical history ,sign ,blood test : CBC, and liver functioning test :SGOT,SGPT , Kidney test : Creatinine ,phosphorus level ,and Rivalta test , rapid kit test ,ultrasound for fluid detection , serum test to count total protein , albumin globulin ratio for accurate conformation.
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