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Title: Pattern of Skin Injury Among Pet Animal Owners in Chattogram
Authors: Anwar, Riffat
Keywords: Bangladesh, online survey, pet animal, public health, risk of pet owner, skin injury, zoonose
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: Besides psychological and social wellbeing the pet animals can act as a carrier of different zoonotic infections especially parasitic diseases. This cross-sectional study examines the occurrence and associated factors of skin injury of pet owners in Chattogram, Bangladesh. An online questionnaire was administered to pet owners living in the city. Questionnaire was included owners’ demographic information, pet related information, skin injury related questions, pet caring, and personal hygiene practice. Frequencies were calculated for categorical variables. On the other hand, mean and standard deviation were measured for continuous variables. Finally, Chi square test was performed to represent the association of variables with the occurrence of skin injury. The study found 350 complete responses which were used in analysis. According to responses, 64.2% were affected by scratching of dog or cat and 18.5% were from biting. Among infected owners 31.8% were required to visit doctor for their injury. The sign of injury existed for average 8.8 days. The five most commonly reported sign were scratching mark (43.2%), reddening (17.6%), itching (16%), biting mark (12%), and swollen (7.2%) of the injured skin. Effective awareness program and monitoring are required for ensuring good health of pet animal as well as their owners focusing One Health approach.
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