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Title: Haematological Analysis of Some Surgical Cases of Goat (Urolithiasis) and Dog (Abscess and Pyometra)
Authors: Sen, Anukul Chandra
Keywords: Abscess, Haematological, Pyometra, Urolithiasis,
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: The study was conducted to demonstrated the accurate diagnosis of disease and to know the blood parameter change in relation to these respective diseases .In this study blood parameter judgment was performed in three groups of surgical cases. Group one considered 5 patients with pyometra. Group two considered 2 patients with urolithiasis, and group three considered 6 patients with abscess. In case of first group blood parameters findings were PCV (39.76±3.49%), Hb (12.63±0.723g/dl), WBC (16.38±5.59thousand/mm3), RBC (6.15±0.74million/mm3), Eosinophil (2±0.7%), Neutrophil (87.2±0.836%), Lymphocyte (10.6±1.34%),Total protein (6.69±1.35gm /100ml). In case of 2nd group blood parameter findings were PCV (23±2.6%), Hb (7.62±0.72g/dl), WBC (19.4±5.89thousand/mm3), RBC (4.18±0.77mollion/mm3), Eosinophils (1.3±0.51%), Monocyte (2.16±0.4%), neutrophils (83.16±7.46%), Lymphocyte (13.3±7.4%), total protein (4.38±0.84g/dl). In case of 3rd group blood parameter findings were PCV (39.5±4.53%), Hb (13.42±1.27g/dl), WBC (12±1.27thousand/mm3), RBC(11.3±2.9mollion/mm3), Eosinophils (2%), Monocyte (1.5±0.7%), Neutrophils (34±1.4%), Lymphocyte (62.5±4.9%), total protein (5.4±0143gm/100ml), blood urea nitrogen(33±1.4g/dl). I shell try to make confirmatory diagnosis of some disease on the basis of haematological change
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