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Title: Success Rate of Artificial Insemination in Pahartali and Khagrachatri District AI Center
Authors: Chakma, Subaran
Keywords: Artificial insemination, breeds, parity number, semen type, conception rate.
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Khulshi-Chattogram
Abstract: The study was conducted to evaluate the success rates of artificial insemination both in Pahartali and Khagrachari District AI center. The study period was December 2008 to February 2009.The average success rates of AI in Pahartali and Khagrachari district AI center were 53.80 and 39.75%, 54.95 and 42.90 %, and 51.86 and 50.87%, in term of breeds, parity and semen type, respectively. The highest conception rate was observed in L×F×F breed in Pahartali (70%) and in local × Fresian in Khagrachari (52%). The lowest CR was observed in L×F (41.26%) and L×S (44.11%) breeds in Pahartali and L×S (29.68%) Khagrachari District AI center. In Pahartali, the highest CRs were found in terms of parity 63.88% (parity number 5) and 51% (parity number 4). In both Pahartali and Khagrachari, the lowest CR was observed in cows having parity number 2, and the result was 51 and 29.34 %, respectively. The RCC semen produced good result (66.66% CR) in Pahartali and (77.50% CR) in Khagrachari. The poorest result was observed in L×F type semen in Pahartali (40%) and Khagrachari (12.25%).
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