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Title: A Clinical Investigation of Diseases and Disorders Encountered in the Upazilla Veterinary Hospital, Kaptai Rangamati Hill Tracts
Authors: Bhusan Das, Shetu
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: This study describes a cumulative analysis of the disease pattern in livestock brought to the Upazilla Veterinary Hospital, Kaptai, Rangamati Hill Tracts, during the periods from January 2007 to January 2009. A total of 1090 Cattle, 2032 Goats and 257 Chicken were included in this study. The diseases were diagnosed by clinical examinations, laboratory examination and post-mortem examination. Amongst the diseases and disease conditions, parasitic infection was the highest with an overall prevalence of 57.2%, 64.1% and 20.7% in cattle, goats and chicken respectively. In cattle, amongst the parasitic diseases fascioliasis had the highest rate (32.8%) of infection followed by nematodiasis (11.3%) and mixed infection with flukes and strongyles (7.6%) was the least. Amongst other diseases 12.2% were bacterial, 1.8% viral, 5.6% reproductive disorders and 23.2% were of non-specific nature. Amongst the bacterial diseases, 6.3% cattle had pneumonia, followed by 2.7% mastitis in milch cows. Amongst the viral diseases 0.7% had papillomatosis, 0.8% had foot and Mouth disease and 0.3% had 3-days sickness. Amongst the reproductive disorders, 2.3% cows had dystocia followed by 2.1% cases of retained placenta and Parturient paresis in 1.2% cows. Amongst the non-specific infections in cattle, fever was at the top of the list (6.3%) followed by accidental injury (5.7%) and bloat (5.1%). In goats also, fascioliasis was the highest (17.2%) prevalent parasitic infection followed by mixed infection with flukes and strongyles (12.3%) with a very close 8.7% Monieziasis. Only 0.6% had gid, the least prevalent infection in this species. Amongst other diseases, a major 16.8% were of non-specific (fever 12.5% and bloat 2.7%) in nature and 12.3% were bacterial and 6.8% were viral. However, in chicken Newcastle (viral) disease is the most prevalent (39.1%) followed by Ascariasis (20.7%), Salmonellosis (15.7%) with non-specific 24.5% diseases.
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