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Authors: Ahmed, Kausar
Keywords: Hubbard Classic, Cobb-500, Production, Management, Control housing.
Issue Date: Apr-2009
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: The breeder farm management includes brooding management, growing management, breeder bird management, and male bird management. The study was conducted to assess the management and production performances of Hubbard Classic and Cobb-500 broiler parent stock under controlled housing system at BRAC Poultry project Magura for a period from 6th September’ 2008 to 29th September’ 2008. The study was under taken on about 12,000 birds of Hubbard Classic and Cobb-500 to observe the comparative management practices, hatchability performances, and disease resistance under controlled house environment. Firstly, the data about management (housing, feeding, and lighting) and production (hen house egg production, hatchability, and chick production) were collected from their record book of current batch. Then, the management and production performances of these two strains were compared with each other and the management guide. Results revealed that the average observed body weight of Hubbard Classic female bird at 1 to 60 weeks of age was 2773.95±162.61gms. Similarly, the observe body weight for Cobb female was 2927.93±177.36 gms, respectively. Average uniformity, egg production, average egg weight, hatchability of Hubbard Classic (1 to 60 weeks) were 83.57%, 61.67%, 65.57±0.58 gms, 78.97±2.34%, respectively. Similarly uniformity, average production, average egg weight and hatchability were 85.96%, 49.10%, 62.62±0.85 gms and 79.68±0.65%, respectively. Peak production Hubbard Classic were achieved from 30 to 44 weeks and highest production was 80% (30 wks). Incase of Cobb-500, peak production was achieved at 30 to 44 weeks and the highest production was 75% (31 wks). Highest hatchability of Hubbard Classic and Cobb-500 were 91% and 85%.
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