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Authors: Rahman Sarker, Md. Hafizur
Keywords: macro-anatomy, skull, foramen magnum, cranial pressure, scapula, humerus, femur, cat.
Issue Date: May-2012
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: In the present study tens adult healthy domestic cat (Felis catus), were used to investigate macro-anatomy, morphometry of bones of skeleton. Which consist 5 male and 6 female cats. They were used to determine neurocranial measurements of the skulls. The mean neurocranial volume was 28 ± 0.97 mL, neurocranial length was 6.63 ± 0.77 cm, and the neurocranial height and index were 3.32 ± 0.38 cm and 49.89%, respectively. The mean whole skull length and height were 8.25 ± 0.14 cm and 4.29 ± 0.21 cm. The skull without the mandible was 3.37 ± 0.16 cm in height, and the whole skull index was 51.94 ± 2.51. The mean height and width of the foramen magnum were 1.23 ± 0.09 cm and 1.35 ± 0.08 cm, respectively, while the foramen index was below 100 at 81.46 ± 1.42. It was also observed topographically that the scapula was more or less similar to other carnivore’s animal topographically with exception that, the presence of a suprahamat process was only found in cat. Dorsal and ventral borders of the humerus were hooked at the opposite ends so that it was the form of an Italic f. The humerus of the adult cat was 9.57 ± 0.17 cm in length. The average diameter of the humerus was 1.05 ± 0.01 cm. The radius of adult cat was 8.48 ± 0.17 cm in length. The diameter of shaft of radius at distal end was 0.63 ± 0.01 cm. The total length of ulna of adult cat was 9.62 ± 0.37 cm. Average distance between the midacetabulum and tuber coxae was 4.40 ± 0.16cm. Average distance between the midacetabulum and ischial tuberosity was 2.38 ± 0.21cm. Total length of femur in hind limb was 10.42 ± 0.19cm. Average diameter of the femur was 0.89 ± 0.02 cm. Total length of the tibia was 10.37 ± 0.22cm. Diameter at proximal end of tibia was 1.03 ± 0.02cm. Total length of the fibula was 10.18 ± 0.13cm. In conclusion the present data suggest that, the anatomy of the bones of cat was differed slightly, both structurally and morphometrically with other non- ruminants and varied widely with ruminant animals.
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