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Title: The study was undertaken on five thousand Hisex Brown parent stock layer breeders at Mirsarai Poultry Farm and Hatchery for a period from 02/03/2012 to 30/03/2012 to observe housing, feeding, breeding, lighting, and disease control practices of Hisex Brown birds with a view to observe production performance of the parent breeder stock under controlled housing system.The production performance was compared at 6 to 7 months of laying period under slat system in controlled house. The selected farm supplied average 25.4gm,61.5gm and 113.38gm for starter(0-5wks),grower(6-17wks) and layer(18-50wks) for a day and the average body weight gain was 248.2,1171.67gm and 2145.21gm respectively for female.The average hen house egg production (24th-50th week)was 85.03%.The peak production achieved at 26th of age and the value is 90% which constant 32 weeks age .The peak production was 26-32 weeks of age (Average 90.57%).Average hatchability (24th-50th) was 84.78% which is efficient.The highest Hatching percentage was recoded at 42,43 and 44th weeks that was 90.62%,91.60% and 91.04% respectively.The management system was controlled properly by proper feed supplement,vaccination, fumigation, ventilation, bio-security and hygienic management regularly.
Authors: Barua, Kallol
Keywords: Black Bengal Goats, Semi scavenging Goat Rearing practices, Rearing problems etc.
Issue Date: May-2012
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: This study was carried out to know the overall management practices and to identify the problems of rearing Black Bengal Goats in some selected areas of Chittagong District under semi scavenging systems in rural areas. The necessary information of the study related to the setting objectives was collected from 4 villages under Potiya Upazilla of Chittagong district. The overall management systems of rearing of goats was found that, most of the goats rearers adopted in scavenging feeding (Grazing) system beside road sides and pasture land. Occasionally they fed concentrates to their goats. About 80 % rearers reported that they fed their goats once daily below 100 gm concentrates and daily 2-4 hours they grazed their goats. Most of the goat rearers (32 %) keep their goats within homestead areas or beside their home arranging macha and shedding facilities. Most of goat rearers (58 %) were kept their goats in house at major part of the night and place of fastening their goats at beside homestead (60 %). Floor quality of goat house were found about 50 % of the goat rearers Kacha with regular litter (sand, ash, gunny bags). Also found that, about all the goat rearers adopted vaccination basically PPR vaccine (100 %) and most of the rearers (48%) dewarming their goats half yearly basis. This study identified some problems and their remedial measures to overcome such problems in the study area. The reported problems were found asLack of grazing Land,Goats and kid Mortality due to diseases,Unavailability of quality bucks, Hamper of on seasonal effect, Inadequate Govt. Veterinary Extension Services and High Prices of Medicines,Scarcity of feeds & fodder, Lack of knowledge of goat on diseases and management, Quarrel for destroy of Plant and crops, Lack of credit facilities and high interest rate, Invasion of Predators, Theft and accident etc. The most of the rearers were reported as lack of grazing land was the 1st ranked (Score-131.17), lack of knowledge of goat on diseases and management was found 2nd ranked (Score-125.38), 3rd ranked problems was recorded as Inadequate Govt. Veterinary Extension Services and High Prices of Medicines (Score-117.66) and lowest ranked problems was recorded as theft and accident as well as invasion of predator. Finally, some recommendations were made like as improved HYV Fodder production by NGO at road sides & fellow land, Prevention of diseases,Ensuring adequate veterinary services and health care facilities,Make available quality bucks, Awareness buildup to keep goats and kid from seasonal affect, Provide veterinary extension services and training and Supply of credit at low interest etc.
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