Browsing by Subject This study was designed to observe the dietary effects of Hypnea musciformis on growth performance and blood parameters in mice. A total of 27 Swiss Albino male mice were divided into three dietary treatments group: T0 = Control (basal diet), T1 = 0.5% seaweed (basal diet + 0.5% seaweed on DM basis), T2 = 1.0% seaweed (basal diet + 1.0% seaweed on DM basis). A completely randomized design was settled possessing three replications having three mice in each replicate group for a 28 days trial. The results showed that live weight at the final week differed significantly (p<0.001) compared with the control group. A significant variation was observed in average daily feed intake (ADFI) (p<0.001) among treatment groups for every week of the experiment. Hypnea musciformis contains high amount of crude protein (15.33±0.02%), crude fiber (8.34±0.01%) and ash (15.18±0.04%). It also contains noticeable amount of minerals, Ca (122.93±2.17 mg/100g), Na (94.37±2.75 mg/100g), K (31.33±1.04 mg/100g), Fe (15.05±0.73 mg/100g), and P (21.23±1.04 mg/100 g). No significant (p>0.05) impact was found in dietary seaweed supplementation on the blood glucose level for control vs other treatment groups. A noticeable reduction in serum cholesterol and triglyceride level (p<0.001) was found in the treatment groups compared to control group. There was no significant difference found in serum HDL and LDL levels of treatment group comparing with the control group (p>0.05). The total protein and calcium content of blood increased significantly (p>0.05) while phosphorus content remains non-significant (p>0.05) in treatment groups compared to control group. Hence, seaweed based diet showed beneficial dietary effects in controlling body weight and lowering cholesterol and triglyceride level in mice. Keywords: Hypnea musciformis, swiss albino mice, seaweed, minerals, lipid profile.

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2019-12Dietary Effects of Seaweed (Hypnea musciformis) on Growth Performance and Blood Parameters in MiceSultana, Papiya